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Architectural Modelling

Here at Gaugemaster we have some products that are suitable for a number of different architectural modelling applications and also for doll's houses. The greatest difficulty is scale as whilst a figure has an easily defineable scale, scenic materials for example, become tricky as a single piece of scatter material could be comparable to dust for a larger scale or a boulder for a smaller one. Some common sense is needed and if you are unsure about a particular product please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on it.

Preiser logo Preiser 1:500 figures Preiser are the world-leaders in miniature figure making and they manufacture figures in many scales from the largest at 1:22.5 to their amazingly tiny 1:500 scale ones, (pictured left). These are intended for architectural modelling, as are their slightly larger 1:400 and 1:350 scale ones.

Moving upward in scale, Preiser offer a larger selection of 1:200, 1:100 and 1:50 scale figures in both their painted and unpainted forms.

Other scales offered include 1:220, 1:160, 1:120, 1:144, 1:87, 1:72, 1:48, 1:43, 1:35, 1:32, 1:25 and 1:24 so there should be something for everyone!

Click here for our Preiser page

Slaters logoFor embossed plastic sheets of walling, roofing and paving look no further than Slaters. Many different styles are available, Slaters stone coursessuitable for scales around 1:160, 1:87 and 1:43 although 1:100, 1:50 and 1:25 versions for some designs are also available to order - please contact us for these. Sheets of ‘random stone’ can be used for a large range of scales as there are no strict ‘courses’. Also paving is fairly universal as in reality paving slab and tile sizes vary considerably.

Slaters Plastic Rod Bespoke construction is catered for with the use of Slaters plain white ‘Plastikard’ A4 sheets, available in seven thicknesses from .010" to .080" as well as ‘Plastiglaze’ for windows and glazing also in A4 sheets. Extruded plastic rods can be found in sizes from .010" to .050" diameter round, (pictured left), as well as flat ‘Microstrip’ extrusions in many sizes. Alphabets in three different sizes are also available.

Click here for our Slaters selection

Faller logo Noch logo More walling comes courtesy of German companies Faller and Noch, this time in the form of printed cards, faller brick paper and embossed ‘hard foam’ decor sheets. The latter may be shaped by heating gently with a hair-dryer. Click for selections of the above in 1:87 scale, 1:120 scale, 1:160 scale and 1:220 scale. Bear in mind of course that scales for this type of product are as quoted by the manufacturer and in reality are flexible, for example, you may find that 1:87 walling or paving is fine for use as 1:100 scale.

Gaugemaster ScatterScenic materials are in abundance not only from Faller and Noch but from Gaugemaster too. Scatters, stones, flocks, grass mats and trees, may all be found and although many of the trees have heights specified please be aware of scale and if you are in doubt about any particular product, please do contact us.

Also worth a mention are the fencing and accessories, again intended for 1:87 scale, 1:120 scale, 1:160 scale and 1:220 scale.

Click here for our Faller page

Click here for our Noch page

Click here for our Gaugemaster scenics page

Wills logo The ‘Materials Series’ from Wills offers you a great selection of moulded plastic sheets of slated and tiles in different styles and also for roofs there are a number of corrugated panels, and metal sheet roofing. Stone QuoinsThere are also a number of different paving, walling and decking in the range as well as stone quoins, (pictured right), windows and doors, arched windows, arched overlays and their ‘Detail Pack’ that includes ridge tiles, guttering, downpipes and chimneys; these should help you finish your building off nicely. Wills items are intended for 1:76 scale.

Click here to see the Wills ‘Materials Series’

Ratio Etched Brass Ratio provide us with some useful items from their ‘Builder Series’, 1:160 scale walling, planking, roofing and paving. Plus useful detailing accessories such as chimneys, guttering and downpipes, doors and brass etched windows, (pictured left). Click here to see these 1:160 Ratio ‘Builder Series’ items. Some similar ‘Builder’ items are available intended for 1:76 scale, click here for these.

Also noteable is their fencing for 1:76 scale with many styles available from picket fencing to ‘chain-link’ and concrete panels.

Knightwing logoOther notable inclusions are from Knightwing’s ‘Universal Range’. Intended for most scales they offer pipes, pipe-fittings, pipes with fittings and a girder and truss accessory pack for bespoke builders.
Click here to see these items.

Superquick logoSuperquick paving‘Superquick model kits’ have within their range a number of card walls, paving and roofing solutions. Brickwork is available in traditional red, yellow and engineer’s blue; dressed stone can be found in a number of different colours. Red tiles, grey slate and their flint walling are other options.
Click here to view these Superquick products.

Metcalfe logoMetcalfe StoneA few more styles of walling, paving and roofing is available from Metcalfe. They are made from card, along similar lines to Superquick (above), but with the added benefit that some of the paving and cobblestone packs are self-adhesive.
View Metcalfe 1:76 scale ‘builder’ products and 1:160 scale ones.

Wiking logoBusch logoHerpa logo

Smart Car

A number of our suppliers offer road vehicles in 1:87 scale, 1:160 scale and 1:220 scale. Some of these will be useful for archetectural modelling. Follow the above links for the scale selections from Herpa, Preiser, Busch, Wiking, Kibri, Marklin, Noch & Gaugemaster.

Tools, Paints, Adhesives & Electricals

Faller ToolsAt Gaugemaster, we have all the tools, paints, adhesives and electricals you'll need for your hobby from the likes of Faller, Deluxe, Railmatch, Gaugemaster, Rotacraft, Antex et al.

Follow this link to our special ‘tools’ page and search function.

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