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Found a problem with this search feature?  Click here to report it to us. offers you a wide selection of tools, adhesives, lubricants & paints for all your modelling needs.

The tools we have available should satisfy your needs but if you can't find what you are looking for using the search function to the right, contact us with your requirements as there are many more items that we can order for you especially.

Rotacraft Drill Kits Rotacraft logo Rotacraft offer an excellent range of precision tool kits - 12 volt, 230 volt and Cordless, suitable for the beginner, the enthusiast and the professional user.
The tools are supported by a wide range of attachments and accessories ideal for modelling, electronics, general household DIY, craft work, antique repair & restoration, engraving, jewellery making plus a variety of other precision tasks.

12 Volt Tools - These tools are powered by permanent magnet direct current motors that operate from transformers with outputs up to 18 volts. The combination of a DC motor and a transformer has a number of advantages:

  • Low voltage for extra safety
  • Smaller tools as the motors are smaller and lighter
  • Ample power for small, detailed tasks

230 Volt Tools - The 230 volt rotary tools, with extra power and torque, broaden the applications to include DIY and light engineering jobs, to more professional applications. The combination of variable speed, high power and compact design increases the versatility of the tool, including:

  • Detailed, intricate tasks eg, Model building, craft work, jewellery making
  • Tougher DIY jobs eg, wood carving, de-burring, cutting screws and bolts
  • Close up work on many materials such as woods, metals, stone, plastics

Cordless Tools - The cordless rotary tools are a must for every tool box, giving unrestricted mobility and versatility. Rotacraft offers 7.2v 2-Speed as well as 9.6v variable speed versions to cater for the lighter as well as heavier user. With up to 60 minutes usage between charges, the cordless rotary tools are excellent for field use or where mains power is inaccessible. Their compact size means that work can be carried out in tight spaces where larger tools will not reach.

Click here for the full range of Rotacraft tools.

Gaugemaster ToolsGaugemaster logo
The Gaugemaster range of tools are specially chosen for Railway modellers as well as general modellers. Recent additions include a range of Razor Saws and Soldering Irons. Also available are a range of knives, scalpels, and sprue cutters for building kitsm as well as a ten piece file set, two different pin vices, a magnetic pin or nail driver, curved and straight tweezers, an Archemedes drill, paint brushes, cutting mats, and Modelstrip, a paint stripping solution which does not attack most plastics.

You will also find probes, inspection mirrors, punches, scrapers, scribes, files, magnifiers, pick-up tools, pliers, side-cutters, screwdrivers, tweezers, forceps... the list goes on!
Click here for the full range of Gaugemaster tools.

A full range of electrical products such as switches, wire and connectors are also available.
For more information on our switches, please see the article Switches Explained.

antex tools Antex logo Antex make some of the best soldering tools available. We stock 18 watt irons for both 12 volt and 220-240 volt supply, a mains voltage 25 watt iron and a 50 watt temperature controlled iron. Most of the above are available as sets that include a stand and the stands are also available individually.
There are also two different irons that run on cigarette lighter gas, with self-ignition and additional special tips for plastic cutting, naked flame and fine soldering. These gas irons are obviously an asset for when mains power is unavailable. A full range of soldering bits or tips are also stocked for the electric irons, as are soldering iron stands, sponges and full soldering kits.
You can view the full Antex range here.

Deluxe micro tips & tube Deluxe logo If you need adhesives for almost any application, Deluxe Materials has it covered. 'Super Phatic' is a high penetration aliphatic glue with a 'wicking' action for close fitting pre-assembled joints. Sets fast and bonds wood, card, foam, plastic etc.
Deluxe offer '2-pack' resin in 1oz (28g) or 4oz (112g) kits. 'Pin Point' Syringes & needles and 'Micro tips & tube' are for accurate adhesive application, the latter being primarily for their range of cyanoacrylate glues, (very similar to super glues), that are available in five different fluid forms and a powder form, useful for gap filling.
Deluxe scenic rust To top the Cyano range they offer a fast-curing agent, 'Roket /Blaster' and 'Glue buster' in case you stick your hands together! Scatter-Grip is a special slow drying tacky adhesive for firmly bonding scatter materials. Speed bond, in two different sizes, is a special modelling PVA that contains no fillers, has unique chemistry for faster drying and is superior to many 'DIY' PVA glues. R/C modellers glue is a multi-purpose gap filling craft glue, thick and tacky, dries clear and remains flexible. Also available is 'Tacky glue', 'Tacky wax', 'Scenic spray adhesive', 'Aero bond', 'Model lite' and 'Plastic magic'.

Deluxe also have a range of scenic aids, 'Solid water', for clear static water effects. 'Scenic water' for running water effects, streams, ponds etc. 'Scenic snow' for dramatic winter snow effects, containing high brightness scenic snowflakes, scenic bond adhesive and icy sparkles. 'Scenic rust' for incredibly realistic weathering effects.
Click here for our full Deluxe range.

Xuron pliers & shears Xuron logo Shears and pliers for a number of modelling applications are available from the North American Xuron Corp. range, the track cutter, being our most popular seller, will cleanly cut rails up to OO scale.
We also stock their hard wire cutter, high precision shear, angled precision shear, photo etch shear, tweezer-nose pliers and a wire stripper.
Click here to see the Xuron range.

Railmatch authentic colour paints Railmatch logo Railmatch Authentic Colour Paints produce a full range of different colour paints specific for railway applications. From general weathering colours such as ‘Sleeper Grime’ to Steam era liveries such as ‘LNER Doncaster Green’, right through to the latest Privatised liveries such as ‘EWS Maroon’.
All of these colours are available as Enamel paints, with a growing selection of Acrylic paints also available.
Railmatch paints may be thinned and sprayed or applied with a brush.
See the full Railmatch range here.

Marklin Dremel drill Märklin logo Märklin provide us with an automatic wire stripper, crimping pliers for spade terminals, a loco servicing tool set and a screwdriver designed for use with their track screws for laying C-Track and K-Track.

Top of the Märklin toolbox is the flagship soldering station, rated at 48 watt, it has a digital display and precise temperature control.
A multi-purpose drill specifically for the modeller is manufactured for Märklin by Dremel, the world renown manufacturer, and includes a modeller's tool kit and flexible drive shaft.
See Märklin's tools here.

Viessman soldering station Viessmann logo Another digital soldering station may be found in the Viessmann range. Like the Märklin unit it has an integral stand and is very modern in design. A range of tips and accessories are available. Viessmann also offer tools suitable for the installation of some of their own products such as bending pliers for catenary and a special screwdriver for catenary mast installation.
Click here to see Viessmann tools.

Faller circle cutter Faller logo Faller include in their range a number of adhesives, paints and tools. A cutting mat set with a mat, knife, modeller's scalpel, scissors and rule. A circle cutting instrument, (pictured right), a professional modeller's tool set with pliers, shears, assorted screwdriver's, knife and tweezers contained in a zip-up pouch.
Various other items such as paint pens, mounting clamps, abrasive files and a hobby airbrush makes for some interesting additions to's overall range. As for paints, they offer an acrylic patinating set, roadway paints, granite rock paint, sand effect paint and varnish for water effects.
Click here for Faller's tools. Click here to view the range of Faller adhesives and glues.

Noch micro rollers Noch logo Noch produce their own track cleaning rubber, micro paint rollers for nicely textured effects on your models, and the 'Grass master'. This handy tool will electro-statically 'charge' the particles of flock fibres and lay them standing on end! This makes for an incredibly realistic grassing effect. Adhesives available are Temporary glue, grass glue, aerosol scatter glue and pump bottle spray glue.
Click here to see the adhesives, and Click here for the tools.

Remember, to find the tools, adhesives, paints and lubricants you need, use the text links on this page and the search facility near the top right hand side of the page.

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Xuron Corp.
Deluxe Materials
Railmatch, Authentic Colour Paints
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